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Welcome to EasyPass EasyPass Revision Online, where we prepare you for success!

Welcome to EasyPass Tertiary

EasyPass offers a range of online assessments for Economics, Business Management, Accounting and Commercial Law. The assessments are aligned to the UNISA prescribed books, and are arranged in modules.

These are not mock exams but rather banks of multiplechoice questions of various types that allow you to check your retention and understanding of the subject-matter.

The assessments are available on a subscription basis at the low cost of only R150 (including VAT) per module per semester.


How will I use EasyPass?

The best way for you to use the Center is to take each assessment as you complete the relevant module. Pay particular attention to the feedback given for each question. This will give you an immediate appreciation of where your weak areas are, allowing you to take remedial action right away.

Once you feel confident that you know the material, you can take the test in Exam Simulation mode, which will limit the amount of time you have to complete the test.

Why use EasyPass?

Good reasons to use EasyPass:

  • Multiple choice questions test retention as well as understanding of a topic. Once you understand information, and can remember it, it is relatively simple to formulate answers to essay-type questions.
  • You will identify areas where you have not grasped the topic well as soon as you have completed the module - this will enable you to go back to your study material or contact the lecturer for assistance. This is much better than discovering at exam time that you don't remember or understand the subject matter that you will be tested on.
  • Immediate feedback and explanations aid your understanding - so the assessment becomes a learning tool as well as a test.
  • The timed exam simulations will reassure you that you will be able to complete your exams in time, thus relieving your stress.
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