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About EasyPass

EasyPass provides affordable online assessments for Matric subjects, as well as tertiary-level Business and Economics. The assessments use various types of multiple-choice questions to identify gaps in a learner's knowledge base. The assessments are designed to assist learners in revising and preparing for their exams so they will know in which areas they are strong and well-prepared and in which subject areas they need to go back and revise again or get help from their teachers or lecturers or tutors.

The assessments have been developed by qualified and experienced teachers and the databank of questions per subject will provide learners with a challenging test of their subject knowledge.

EasyPass was established by a group of educators with a wide range of experience and expertise in the public and private education and training arenas. Their objective is to create tools for learners/students/teachers/tutors to use which would allow for focused learning interventions and to build confidence in learners and students in tackling their tests and examinations.

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